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CGM with Kel

4-week program offering insights on your health and wellness for diet, lifestyle and more

Theia tracks your biodata in realtime giving you personalized diet & exercise insights.

  • Continuous Blood Glucose Monitors (CGMs) are the key.
  • Blood glucose data points 24/7 to for better analysis.
  • Point in time health tests don't correlate individual activity response.

How we measure your blood glucose

We are currently using the Freestyle Libre 14 Day Sensor by Abbott

  • If Boris can do it, you can too, he was scared to put on the device. Rest assured the application of the device is easy and at most you will feel a pinch. There is no need to hit a blood vessel all you have to do is pick a fatty spot on the back of your arm and push and it will be all over before you know it. Once the device is in there is no needle that remains in your arm, what is left behind is a bendy filament, once in most people forget they have the device on. We are here to guide you through the application on your onboarding call and virtually hold your hand.

  • When you start our program you will try your best not to change any habits to set baselines for the first 7 days. Following that the boundries of your glucose based on the recommendations of the American Diabetes Organization and then further adjust to an optimal range. These numbers will all be visible to you on your dashboard and glucose graph.

  • The FreeStyle Libre 14 day system is clinically proven to be accurate1, stable and consistent over 14 days with no fingerstick calibrations.

    Note that the sensor provides a glucose level reading not by measuring the level of glucose in the blood but the level of glucose in interstitial fluid (ISF), fluid in the body which acts as a reservoir of nutrients, including glucose, for your body’s cells. You can read more about the difference between finger prick and ISF on our blog post.

    1 FreeStyle Libre 14 day User’s Manual.
  • The sensor lasts 14 days from the time you put it on, and does not need to be recharged. It runs on 1 silver oxide battery that lasts the duration of the sensor.
  • Check out our blog post to access more resources and futher learn about the sensors

The Experience

Sign Up/Get Sensor

Setup your account, complete onboarding questionnaire, get your CGMs, and schedule your first call with Theia.

Input Activity/Scan Sensor

For the first week you will be business as usual except for taking pictures of your food as best you can and scanning your sensor at least every 8 hours.

Choose Diet/Lifestyle Changes

At the end of your first week we will dive into education on glucose and present you recommendations to try, pick the one that you feel is the easiest to adhere to.

See Impact

You implement the recommendation and see it's impact, decide to sustain it or give us feedback as to why it didn't work. Don't worry about pushing back, our goal is help you discover sustainable changes.

Cofounding Team

We believe in transparency, always welcome a challenge, and strive to provide value, if we aren't doing these things please call us out!

Boris Berjan

Boris Berjan

Chief Executive Officer

Battled asthma & crohns in his life. Loves cold plunges. 14 years serial online entrepreneur.

Ravi Makadia

Ravi Makadia

Chief Technology Officer

On a mission to help humanity. Hiking is his happy place. Serial entrepreneur and tech for 18 years

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Michael Guerrero


I think I am starting to feel a longer term effect. More energy for sure. I am holding my diet...More protein and less carbs. No afternoon slump. Only one coffee in the morning. If this is related to better glucose management then you have something really good.

Kevin Hwang


So proud of my Theia Health unit. I'm learning a lot! So fascinating how timing, sequence of food, exercise, and fasting effect my blood sugar. Everyone should do this!!!!!