Never diet again

Analyze in real-time how your body responds to food, exercise, stress, and sleep.

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Focus on small changes with BIG impact

Theia's weekly insights give you small sustainable changes that you can keep for the rest of your life

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Ingredient Swaps

How individuals process food is unique and complex involving microbiome and genetics. Food swaps are a great way to make huge impact with little change.

Ingredient Swaps
Food Order

Food Order

For example, having a salad first, may actually be the best fit for your body.

Missing Ingredients

Sometimes its as simple as adding something into, before, or after a meal that can have profound impact on how your body metabolizes meals.

Missing Ingredients

The Theia Journey

Theia's keeps things simple, so you focus on the steps to a better you.

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We make life easy

Answer a simple questionnaire, we deliver sensors to your door and guide you through the process. Always able to reach a human with questions.

Theia Box
Enter Activities

Enter Activities

Pictures of your food are worth their weight in gold. The more you put in the more you get out.


Sometimes its as simple as adding something into, before, or after a meal that can have profound impact on how your body metabolizes meals.

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A Happy and Healthy You

Optimizing your metabolism through small changes that don't effect your lifestyle will result in better health and happiness.

The Biosensor

We use a device called a continuous glucose monitor or CGM for short. It's small and sticks to the back of your arm to read your blood glucose levels in real-time.

  • No, you barely feel the device and once it's on you will forget it's even there after a couple of minutes.

  • We use Abbott's FreeStyle Libre 3 sensor. This is a FDA-certified device, the first CGM that Abbott launched was in 2015.

  • Yes, all the biosensors we use are currently waterproof. Feel free to shower, exercise, swim, etc... whatever you desire.

  • The Libre 3 device is pretty discreet, about the size of 2 US pennies that are stacked.

  • Check out our full FAQs to access more resources and futher learn about the sensors

Theia Experiences

What people that have used Theia have to say

I think I am starting to feel a longer term effect. More energy for sure. I am holding my diet...More protein and less carbs. No afternoon slump. Only one coffee in the morning. If this is related to better glucose management then you have something really good.

– Michael Guerrero, Cowork

So proud of my Theia Health unit. I'm learning a lot! So fascinating how timing, sequence of food, exercise, and fasting effect my blood sugar. Everyone should do this!!!!!

– Kevin Hwang, Entrepreneur

Theia is just what I needed to better my health while juggling 3 kids! It helped me identify small things that made a huge impact.

– Nicole, Mom

I can't believe what sitting all day was doing to my body!! Thanks for the insights to help me become more productive in a way I never thought possible before. Was pleasantly surprised at how personal it was!

– Cristina, Software Developer

$149/annual membership + $75/sensor

Each sensor lasts 14 days and all memberships include:

1 Year Platform Access

Your membership gives you access to our platform where you can record, analyze and visually see your body's data.

Doctor Prescriptions

No hassle dealing with doctors, pharmacies or worrying where to get sensors. Theia delivers them to your doorstep.

Weekly Insights

Weekly reports showing you exactly how your metabolic health performed & easy ways to optimize it.

Unlimited Support

Quick responses to your questions and concerns. We’re here for you whenever you need.

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1 Month (Starter)

  • 4 Insight Reports
  • Annual Membership - $149
  • 2x Sensors (28 Days) - $75/ea



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Learn the Basics of How to Treat Your Health


6 Months (Best Value)

  • 24 Insight Reports
  • Annual Membership - $149
  • 12x Sensors (168 Days) - $75/ea



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