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The Biosensor

We use a device called a continuous glucose monitor or CGM for short. It's small and sticks to the back of your arm to read your blood glucose levels in real-time.

  • No, you barely feel the device and once it's on you will forget it's even there after a couple of minutes.

  • We use Abbott's FreeStyle Libre 3 sensor. This is a FDA-certified device, the first CGM that Abbott launched was in 2015.

  • Yes, all the biosensors we use are currently waterproof. Feel free to shower, exercise, swim, etc... whatever you desire.

  • The Libre 3 device is pretty discreet, about the size of 2 US pennies that are stacked.

  • Check out our full FAQs to access more resources and futher learn about the sensors



Boris Berjan


Ravi Makadia



Dr. Emil Hodzovic

Founder - Health Evolved

Dr. Beverly Yates

Diabetes & Chronic Illness Expert

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